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TAC’s Collaborative Culture

Our corporate commitment is to build an inclusive culture that recognizes uniqueness, empowers each employee, encourages all contributions and contributors, fosters continuing education, and leverages a diverse workforce to maximize TAC's competitive advantage and performance.

Commitment to Employee Development

We understand that TAC’s success and reputation are driven by its professional staff, and we are therefore committed to each employee’s development. We take the time to invest in each employee’s talent and provide opportunities for career, professional, and personal growth. We provide a variety of training (TACLearn, tuition reimbursement, on-the-job training, and access to the Johns Hopkins University Master’s program), employee feedback, insight to new opportunities, and IT packages/tools familiarization to minimize employee attrition.

Commitment to Employee Empowerment

We create a culture that encourages ownership of activities and problems resulting in a shared corporate strategic direction. We provide opportunities for employees to make significant contributions by participating in company-sponsored activities, asking questions, offering suggestions, and helping TAC's leadership team make sound decisions. Employee contributions to TAC's continued growth will result in exciting professional opportunities and financial success for all TAC employees.