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Departments of State, Homeland Security, Defense, and FBI and ODNI


  • Celatro™
  • Technology Solutions for the U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities


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The Analysis Corporation
1501 Farm Credit Drive, Suite 2300
McLean, VA 22102-5000

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TAC occupies a specialized niche within the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities. Our high-end R&D capabilities enable us to implement automated, interoperable information systems that facilitate information sharing among multiple federal agencies. Moreover, our comprehensive knowledge of client mission and business processes — combined with our practical application of advanced technology tools and techniques — allows us to create optimized business solutions for each of our clients.

TAC offers a diverse range of specialized services spanning three areas critical to our clients' missions:

  • Information Technology including systems analysis, design, and implementation in the realms of database architecture, data mining, knowledge management, and other information systems services.
  • Intelligence Operations and Analysis including intelligence collection, analysis, production, dissemination, and reporting.
  • Management Consulting including change, training, and acquisition management services.

With a four-fold growth in staff and revenue since 2000, TAC is a fast-growing, exciting company. TAC's success is built upon a corporate culture centered on the following values:

  • Ensure integrity, expertise, and fairness in everything we do — with clients, partners, and ourselves.
  • Build and retain a workforce that is known for its diligence, skill, and diversity.
  • Create a corporate environment that benefits and makes proud all TAC employees.

We intend to continue our carefully managed growth in coming years by developing our existing client bases, expanding into new markets, and focusing on developing world class enterprise-transformation and intelligence-analysis services.