March 27, 2020

Statement from The Analysis Corporation

On March 21 TAC learned for the first time of the unfortunate incident concerning a TAC employee working on contract for the Department of State who accessed the passport records of two prominent U.S. officials without proper authorization. This individual's actions were taken without the knowledge or direction of anyone at TAC and are wholly inconsistent with our professional and ethical standards.

TAC has fully cooperated with the Department of State in this matter and honored the Department's request on March 21 to delay taking any administrative action with respect to the employee in order to give the Department's Office of the Inspector General the opportunity to proceed with its work.

On March 24, the Department advised TAC to take immediate measures to bar the employee from returning to the assignment and to retrieve the Department of State security badge of the employee. The Department also advised TAC that it had no objection to any administrative action that TAC deemed appropriate. As a result, TAC immediately terminated the employee on March 24.

Protecting our nation's security as well as individual privacy rights requires scrupulous adherence to policies and procedures that govern access to sensitive information contained in government databases. TAC does not tolerate willful noncompliance with such policies and procedures.

TAC is very proud of its nearly two-decade long record of working closely with the Department and the U.S. Government and looks forward to future opportunities to contribute to our Nation's security.