Your organization has security concerns.

Ours is uniquely positioned to help identify and mitigate them.

TAC's Intelligence Fusion Center integrates decades of experience in global terrorism analysis with regional and subject-matter expertise, applying cutting-edge technologies to exploit a wide array of open sources of intelligence and help identify and mitigate threats facing the United States.

The Analysis Corporation’s Staff Integrates:
  • Recognized Leaders in Collection and Analysis from the Intelligence Community;
  • Powerful Technical and Data Harvesting Tools;
  • Experienced Counterterrorism and Regional Expertise;
  • Access to Data Streams from Multiple Sources, Including Deep Web Searches and English and Foreign Language Media;
  • A Network of Expert Consultants Positioned in the World's Major Hotspots.
IFC Products and Services Include:
  • Terrorist and Criminal Threat Assessments;
  • Periodic Intelligence Reviews and Assessments;
  • Regional and Topical Studies;
  • Hostile Environment Training;
  • Red-Team Analyses;
  • Deep Web Harvesting and Foreign Media Monitoring;
  • Continuing Education On Terrorism- and Intelligence-Related Issues;
  • Other Ad Hoc Customer-Designed Assessments and Studies.
TAC's Intelligence Fusion Center has the expertise and tools to help you make your organization safer.

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