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John O. Brennan to join the Obama-Biden Transition Team

"John O. Brennan, the President and CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Strategies Group (North America) Inc. has been named as a Team Lead for the Intelligence Community Review.More >

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The Analysis Corporation
Providing mission critical intelligence support and technical solutions to the Intelligence Community.
The Analysis Corporation (TAC) is at the forefront of the effort of safeguarding U.S. national security interests. Since its inception in 1990, TAC has been making important contributions in the counterterrorism (CT) and national security realm by supporting national watchlisting activities as well as other CT requirements. TAC’s core competencies include: innovative information technology solutions, leading CT analytic and intelligence expertise, and integrated intelligence and security operations support. For more information about TAC, click here.
Intelligence Solutions
  Information Technology. TAC provides clients with reliable information technology services and solutions that support the counterterrorism mission, incorporate best practices, improve productivity, and streamline workflow.
  Intelligence Operations and Analysis. TAC provides clients with thorough, and accurate intelligence analysis and operations solutions that support the counterterrorism mission. TAC supports virtually every facet of the terrorist watchlisting and screening process/cycle.