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Intelligence Community
GLOBAL TAC leverages its expertise in the convergence of information technology, analysis and operational support to deliver meaningful, timely and actionable intelligence to strengthen the counterterrorism missions of our clients throughout the Intelligence Community. Examples of our flexible, scalable and customizable solutions include the delivery of all source, multi-INT analysts and integrated technologies capable of supporting a broad range of Intelligence Community missions in counterterrorism, counter-proliferation and counter-intelligence. Our ability to facilitate the sharing of critical information enables our clients to identify, respond to and more effectively deter threats to national security.

Law Enforcement Community
By leveraging our expertise in information technology, analysis and operational support, GLOBAL TAC assists clients in the Law Enforcement Community through the design and implementation of intelligence solutions in a broad range of mission areas including counterterrorism, counter-intelligence, border protection and counternarcotics. Using techniques, processes and toolkits such as identity intelligence, data fusion and pattern matching, we equip our clients with the capabilities to deter threats from terrorists networks and criminal activities.

Defense Community
GLOBAL TAC delivers a range of counterterrorism information technology, intelligence analysis and operational support services designed to assist forward deployed warfighters in their theaters of operation. Our solutions enable clients to develop and implement strategies and tactics to support mission objectives in the field. Our range of services include: the rapid analysis and distribution of critical data; early warning and notification processes and systems; the delivery of situational reports and briefings; and essential watch standing services.